We are a growing practice and we would like to register new patients who live locally, our area is predominantly Bristol BS9. The practice area map is available via reception.

To register, complete a registration form obtained from our Reception Staff. Two forms of identification are preferred; one to prove who you are - this would normally be some form of photo identification, (such as a passport or driving licence); the other, to prove where you live, (this could be a utility bill or a bank statement). This helps us to match your medical record and ensure that we have the correct details for you. If you cannot provide identification we may ask you to supply this at a later date. We will also request identification as part of arranging online access for you. 

In the case of a new baby, bring their NHS Number (obtainable from Child Health or the Maternity Ward) or the child’s red book.

Please fill in our new patient health questionnaire (available with our registration form).

Your medical record often takes a considerable time to arrive from your previous doctor and this gives us the opportunity of recording some basic information about you and offering you any immediate care you may need.

You will be registered with the Practice and be given a ‘usual doctor’ who will take the lead in reviewing any paperwork, test results and so on that we may receive. You have a right to ask to see a particular doctor, if you wish. We encourage continuity of care so prefer you to see the same doctor with the same problem if you can.

Please note that consent to contact via mobile phone (phone call or SMS) will be assumed if no other option is marked on the registration form or when the mobile phone number is provided to the Practice.

If you are taking any kind of medication, please make an appointment to see your usual GP.

If not, you may see one of the Practice Nurses for a health check if you would like one.

We do not exclude patients from the Practice on grounds of age, sex, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin or disability, sexual orientation, religion or religious or philosophical belief or medical condition.

Registrations - outside practice boundary

If you live outside our illustrated boundary you can apply to be registered as an 'out of area patient'. This service is intended for patients where it is more convenient for them to attend a GP further away from their home address, for example, because it is close to work.

 In applying we ask you to declare that: -

 -       You would be able to attend the Practice any day between Monday to Friday

 -       You do not have any personal factors or any concerns about your own health where these issues may put you at risk of not being able to attend the Practice

 -       You understand that you may need to attend the Practice to collect items such prescriptions and can make these arrangements for yourself

 -       It is more practical for you to attend this Practice than one closer to your home address

 -       You understand that if your health needs change, or you end up accessing other services (such as home visiting doctor) that we can review your registration and ask you to register at a GP close to home

 -       The registration is at our discretion and if we feel that after registering you, your care needs are more complex, then we can review your registration and ask you to register at a GP close to home

If you live outside of the practice area (catchment) we will be your registered doctor but under the out of area guidance we are not required to provide you with a home visit.

You may on occasion, develop an urgent illness or injury at home that means attending the GP surgery as normal would not be appropriate.

 If you require a GP and are too unwell to attend, contact the practice in the first instance. If we determine  you need access to services local to where you live we would ask you to call NHS 111.

You will be given this policy if you ask to register and live outside our illustrated boundary

Temporary/Short-term Resident

We provide a Temporary Patient service for individuals staying within our Practice area (e.g. whilst on holiday, staying with relatives etc.) who require immediate or necessary medical care. If your care is routine - such as repeat medication or an ongoing issue we will use our discretion and may ask you to access a walk in centre or other provider. If you are not an EU resident there will be a charge for our services.

Just call into the Surgery, obtain a Temporary Resident Form from our Reception Staff, return it to us completed and we will be happy to assist you.