Blood Test Appointments and test requests

Our health care assistant and nursing team will complete tests that are requested by your GP, or by the hospital. We ask that you only make appointments for tests that have been requested in this way. If you arrive for a blood test or a heart trace and we cannot see the request in your notes, we will need to check whether this can be completed as an NHS procedure.

The blood tests below are common ones, and the HCA or nurse will take your blood then check with your GP that there is a clinical indication for the test, once they have approved it the sample will be sent off. If they do not find a reason for the test then they reserve the right not to send the sample to the lab and this would be documented in your notes.

Common blood tests


Blood count (FBC)


Kidney function (U&E)


Liver test (LFT)


Cholesterol/lipid profile


Thyroid test (TFT)


Diabetes check: sugar level (fasting/random glucose) or Hba1c (please indicate which)


Prostate test (PSA)




FSH/LH/Progesterone (hormones)



If your test request is not on the list above and we cannot see the source of the request in your notes then we will need to check with your GP before the blood test or heart trace is carried out so we will arrange to contact you to re-arrange your appointment if this is appropriate.

As the process for arranging private tests is time consuming for us, we ask that if you are seeking tests as part of elective treatment or specialist private care that you do so via your existing private clinic or at a provider that is set up for private tests, such as the Spire Hospital.

  • You will need to ring back for the results one week after the date of your test. For some tests, you may need to wait 2 weeks. Please make sure that all your tests results are back when you call us using the checklist above.


  • Please phone after 11am. If your test result is normal, the receptionist will tell you this. If there is any abnormality, the receptionist will ask you to make a routine telephone appointment with your GP. If there is an urgent abnormality, we will try to contact you by phone on the telephone number we have on record for you. Please make sure we have an up to date telephone contact number for this purpose. However, please do not assume that your tests results are normal if you do not hear from us – it is your responsibility to phone to check your test results in all cases. If you keep your mobile number up to date we are currently trialling the texting of results too.