Patient and Friends Newsletter - Spring 2019 



Staff Changes

We have no recent or expected GP changes but we have recently developed some improved back office systems to help our GPs……..

In the last 12 months we have invested in expanding our non clinical team and in training and developing the team to complete more technical administration.

Each week over 3000 prescription items are processed with the help of our prescription clerks this service is available every day from 9am—5pm with a team of four staffing this rota. Our clerks are Georgia, Sheree, Ginette and Romany. You can find them on option ‘2’ on our phone system. They are working on improving the accuracy of repeat medicines and helping all of the stages of this run smoothly.

We have also developed our team of secretaries and they will help to process and action the hundreds of documents (letters and reports) that we receive for our patients each week. Each one is added to the medical record and our secretaries will arrange the actions before the documents go to the GP. This process is easing the burden of more straightforward paperwork on doctors freeing up more time for them to see patients as well as making follow up quicker and more accurate. Our ’workflow’ team spends 7-8 hours a day managing these documents and it’s had very positive results for our patients. 


Would you like to be on our patient board to provide your views on how the surgery is run and could be improved?

Please email us on, we can then send you more information about joining our email board and our board structure and purpose.

Are you 13—24 years old? A Carer? Or Do you have a disability or individual difference that you could help us get better representation in our group?

We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved


Our GPs working Pattern

Our patients have fed back in recent surveys that they would like more of our GPs to be full time. In General Practice the most common model for a full time GP is to work 4 long days, often up to 12 hours in length. Here at the Practice all our GPs are part time. They work between half and three quarter of a full time commitment.

This is increasingly common nationally as many GPs find it very heavy going working full time. They also often work elsewhere alongside their work here, and have families and other interests. Having part time GPs means we are more able to cover within the team more flexibly. This team approach means we have had NO LOCUM DOCTORS in the past 12 months.

We know your doctor being part time can make seeing your preferred GP or the person who knows your case difficult but please try to book ahead if you can. You can still consult with whichever GP you choose, and if tests are requested these are returned to the ‘requester’ so this is the person that arranged them for you.

We hope this helps some of our patient concerns. The list below shows which GPs are in on which days


We work with other GP Practices

Across England GP Practices are being encouraged to work together so that patients can continue to

access services and have a wider range of choice. In the future this will be in quite a few areas.

We currently run a scheme called improved access which means appointments are shared from 6.30pm—8pm Monday to Friday and at the weekends. This means our patients can visit other Practices for certain services throughout the week. Our main extended opening is HERE on Saturday Mornings on the last Saturday of each month. Our other local surgeries are open on the other Saturdays and you can choose to be seen there.    




Monday: Dr Morgan, Dr Koupparis, Dr Duncan, Dr Davies, Dr Thomas

Tuesday: Dr Morgan, Dr Kelly, Dr Shufflebotham, Dr Bench, Dr Burt, Dr Eachus

Wednesday: Dr Morgan, Dr Eachus, Dr Duncan, Dr Kelly, Dr Burt 

Thursday: Dr Koupparis, Dr Davies, Dr Shufflebotham, Dr Bench, Dr Thomas

Friday: Dr Eachus, Dr Kelly, Dr Burt and Dr Bench